Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thoughts on blogging

In today's world, almost everyone and their dog wants to share their voice. I guess you could say that this is in stark contrast to what was happening say 1,000 years ago. I mean, everyone has always liked the sound of their own voice, but in the Medieval Period, not everyone could read and write. It was really only the scholars, religious leaders and ruling elite who could read and write. Of course this means that those whose voices were heard, a.k.a. the rulers, were basically the ones who held all the power. Summary: he (or she) who shouts the loudest holds the most power.

In the 21st Century, the situation can't be any more different. Many countries around the world have free education for all. The reading and writing literacy has never been higher. Now we are faced with a cacophony of opinions, advice, beliefs and knowledge being shared through blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Everyone thinks that they have the right answer (if they didn't then why would they speak?). Maybe this is an extroverted thing. The attempt to process your thoughts through constant streams of opinion-making, advice-giving pieces of writing or video blogging. Or perhaps we genuinely just enjoy the sound of our own voices. Or maybe we love being 'controversial' and getting stuck in the middle of a heated debate that goes absolutely nowhere and only finishes with endless insults and the proclamation of both parties that they won because the other person is stupid.

To be fair though, social media can be a powerful tool. Through Facebook and other such mediums, several revolts have begun and been successful--power to the people. Back in the day, if the insurgents were to be successful then they would almost always need a powerful backer who would help them in their cause...and then eventually assume the power. These days, a bunch of nobody 20 year olds can change the world.

So this leads us to the all-important question of 'the first blog'. Why have I even bothered adding to the cacophony by starting a blog? Is it because I want to verbally process my thoughts? Or perhaps I love the sound of my own voice? Maybe I want to have some hard-headed debates that serves to further entrench me into my own position regardless of what anybody says. Perhaps (a little less modestly) I want to change the world with my carefully groomed and garnished reflections and thoughts. Even if that means only ever speaking to the heart and mind of just one person.

Maybe the true answer is a bit of all those things. Or perhaps I'm just exercising my right to have a voice--darn it, whether anyone reads it or not. The point is is that, words, ideas, voices, they affect the world one way or another. Whether to pull people down and trod on others with my intellectual superiority (after all, we live in the wake of the Enlightenment where everyone else except me seems to have missed the wave). Or whether to bring a thoughtful voice that at least contributes a little something that is good to the world. As for why I have begun writing a blog? I sincerely hope that it leans more toward the latter than it does the former.

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