Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Christ and Culture

Over the past 2,000 years Christians have tried to answer the question of how we should most faithfully engage with the culture we live in. There is a huge array of answers that have emerged throughout church history. Some have attempted to assimilate culture into Christianity. Some have tried to force Christianity onto culture even under the threat of death. Some have responded by saying that Jesus transforms culture. Still others have tried to escape culture by running away and living in the desert.

Three things spring to my mind to aid in answering the question of how Christians should engage with the culture we live in. First, it's important to understand the context we live in. How we respond will differ based on whether we live in a Christian nation like the Roman Empire of the 4th Century AD or whether we live in 21st Century Sudan where Christians are heavily persecuted.

Secondly, there is a tension between God as Creator and human fallenness. God is the one who created cultures, languages, etc., but we are broken people who always make mistakes and sin. So all culture is good, but humans twist culture to meet our own sinful and broken ends.

Thirdly, what does the Bible say to us today? How does Scripture shape our thinking and practices? Is that counter to our culture? Or is it in line with what God wants from us?

This term we are attempting to engage with the topic of Christ and Culture at Fuel. What is our culture? What are our cultural assumptions? What does Jesus have to say about it? These are questions we want to discuss. Feel free to come along and join in the conversation!

Originally penned for East Taieri Church bulletin

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