Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Redemptive hope

Today as I sit in my office it strikes me that it’s the 11th of September or 9/11 if you live in America. I still remember that day 13 years ago. It was a day where the façade of peace and security in the West fell away. It was a day where we realised that we had misplaced our hopes in our own superiority and strength. It was also a day where we came face-to-face with a violent hatred that left the Western world reeling with surprise and pain. The world changed on this day 13 years ago.

I don’t want to use this terrible day to pontificate or use someone else’s grief to come up with some nice platitudes about how we should live. That wouldn’t be fair, and in many ways it would demean the grief and what that day means.

But I think it helps me keep in mind the type of world we live in as we wonder where God is leading our church. It’s been part of my role to think about discipleship and evangelism during the strategic planning. And the question that springs to my mind today is how can we be disciples of Jesus and how can we spread the love of God in a post 9/11 world? God calls us to be his redemptive presence—his presence that brings peace, reconciliation, hope, forgiveness and restoration. Let’s be Jesus’ hands and feet. Let’s wrestle together about how we can be the salt and light in our world. Let’s pray that the Spirit of God goes with us. And that’s essentially what discipleship and evangelism is.

Originally penned for East Taieri Church bulletin

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