Wednesday, 24 September 2014

To be a Christ-centred Church

At FUEL this term, we are looking at what it means to be a Christ-centred church. We will be journeying through 1 Corinthians together to see what it says about church, what practices the Bible is calling us to adopt and how we can be God’s church in the world.

Often times, church feels like an event to me. We plan a church service adding in the things that we feel are relevant for that day. And then we execute that plan. And that’s necessary. We need to have well-thought out services that lead us to worship God together and cause us to stop and listen to what God is saying to us today. However, the question that every new generation needs to ask is how can we be the church? Church is not just an event on a Sunday morning, but it’s the people of God called by God and brought together by God to be his hands and feet in the places that we find ourselves in: our home spaces, our work places, our recreational spaces.

At FUEL, we want to go on the journey together to ask these questions and contribute to this conversation. But it’s something that we all should be asking. How can we be the church in our day and age and place? How can we be Christ’s redeeming presence? But perhaps the first question to ask is why do we need to be the church? I invite you all to share in this conversation, and ask and pray what God is calling us to do as his church, his people.

Originally penned for East Taieri Church bulletin

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