Tuesday, 27 January 2015

12 reasons you know you're a pastor

I have now been a pastor at East Taieri Church for a year. And, like anything, my first year has been a steep learning curve. In reflecting on 2014, I've made a list of 12 reasons you know you're a pastor.

12 reasons you know you're a pastor: 

1) When some of your best friends are funeral directors.

2) When people keep giving you books to read and you add it to the long list of other books you want to read.

3) When you start drinking eight cups of tea a day.

4) When you can nod your head in agreement with this quote from Karl Barth: 'The Body (the church) of Jesus Christ may well be sick or wounded. When has it not been? But as the body of this Head (Jesus) it cannot die.' Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics Vol IV.1, 691.

5) When you get in trouble most Sunday lunchtimes for sharing a story from the pulpit your spouse deems inappropriate.

6) When you start visiting old ladies based on what they usually have for afternoon tea and/or how good they can make a cup of tea.

7) When you feel the tension between doing things for the congregation (i.e. organising church events) and finding ways to empower them into ministry.

8) When life seems to revolve around sermon writing and late night meetings peppered with the occasional pastoral visit.

9) When you realise that taking a funeral is both a responsibility and a privilege.

10) When you feel the (prideful) satisfaction of sending an e-mail at 2:00am and expect your people to think you're a hard worker.

11) When a simple trip to the supermarket to get some milk and bread turns into a pastoral conversation.

12) And finally, when you stand up the front with the Bible in hand and look around at all the pairs of eyes staring back and you realise how much you love the people that God has called you to serve.